Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Off and running

After traveling about 30 hours and on only five hours of sleep, Darrell, Nicki, my mom and dad and I awoke in Athens with lots of energy and ready for our first adventure. With only a few minutes to spare, we jumped onto the first tour bus of the day to see the sights of Athens.


First stop, the Olympic Stadium, home of the first modern Olympics. Nicki was excited to pass me the baton. This mother-daughter duo won the design team relay race!


At the Temple of Zeus. the God of all Gods (my dad thought that was his title!).


This is the last photo of mom and me smiling before our long hot trek up to the Acropolis. It felt like it was over 120 but it was probably just over 100 degrees.


The Parthenon... aaaaahhhhh-mazing! How did they build this thousands of years ago?


During our tour among the thousands of people on top of the Acropolis, we ran into Keoni, Kara and Keri. The girls were so happy to find each other.


After getting lost in Plaka with Joseph and Carolyn, we discovered this quaint street.


Greek dinner show, a la Paradise Cove luau in Hawaii.


I hope everybody back home has made it through all that rain we've been hearing about! I'll be back later with more photos...