Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Mediterranean photos: Places

Sorry it's taking me so long to wrap up this cruise blog! I just finished sorting through countless photos, and I want to share the last of our beautiful ports, let you meet some of the people who made this an unforgettable trip, and show some shipboard fun! First up: The Places.


The beautiful port of Sorrento

p1000799A bakery in Pompeii... can you see the brick oven?

p1000814The body of a slave as he took his last breath. What a terrible way to die.

p1000836Pompeii's justice center. Can you imagine how impressive this was thousands of years ago? It still is!

dsc_1037Art, Suzi and Kara's mom Angela enjoying the tour with the Wagners


p1000926The gang's all here in Pisa. Let's go see if that tower really is leaning...

p10009321Yup, it's leaning this much!

p1000968Perfect way to cap off a warm day in Italy ... coconut gelato! YUM


p1000979Here we are in Cannes, and it's just how I imagined it ... FABULOUS!

p1000981The biggest private yacht I've ever seen with my own two eyes. It's incredible... and I can't imagine what it must look like inside!

p1000989I stumbled upon this home decor store. Totally over the top--looks like Hollywood royalty shops here. I love it!

p1000995Walking back to the ship, we passed these gentlemen playing baci ball


dsc_0233The Coliseum. Do you think there might still be gladiators here?

dsc_0202Yeah, there's one right there!

dsc_0313Trevi Fountain: Scotty makes a wish as he throws in a coin. His wish? To come back to Rome!

dsc_0414St. Peter's Basilica. In a word, awe-inspiring (oops, is that two words?)

p1000855Have to shop on the run--we only have one day in Rome!


p1010057Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudi's masterpiece. Still a work in progress

p1010046Gaudi's Undulating Bench--colorful, beautiful and magical

p1010076La Pedrera, Gaudi's last civil job, had intricate ironwork inspired by seaweed

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