Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A whirlwind of a weekend

I’m not talking about the weather! First thing this past Saturday morning, Lissa, Kara and I were at John Dominis for KSSK radio’s Perry and Price show. I was being interviewed about our $30,000 Style My Room contest. We had their breakfast buffet—yummy, but not nearly as good as their Sunday brunch!

That show is always a fun time. Mike and Larry are the old pros and Sweetie Pacarro has the perfect name—she’s an absolute sweetheart. Their antics are always the same but nevertheless, they always put a smile on your face!

That evening, Lissa was part of the Coronation Ball for the new Narcissus Queen. It’s their 60th anniversary, so they had all the former queens in attendance and actually walking the runway. Lissa is a Narcissus Queen from many, many, MANY years ago! (I won’t tell you how many or she’ll kill me.) But she still looked good, she worked that runway in her black evening gown! I must say, she could still be a Narcissus Queen today—if you squint your eyes really hard! Just kidding, Lissa!
Sunday was the final day of the Sony Open. We walked the course and ended up at The Honolulu Advertiser’s Skybox. They had great food and most importantly, a great view right on the 18th green. I was there for a lot of the day, but we had to stay until late to see the hometown favorite, Tadd Fujikawa, end the tournament. I know he was a little disappointed, but he still made all of Hawaii proud.
The moment Tadd was done, there was a mass exodus. Lissa and I ran out of there because we had a 6:00 dinner with two of our advertisers, Kay Mukaigawa of Primary Properties and Ann Isobe of Reneux Spa. We had gift certificates from Morton’s. Loved the crab cakes—my favorite! There was a little business involved, but mostly we had fun. We ended the evening at Menchie’s yogurt, which is a build-it-yourself yogurt bar with lots of yummy ingredients.

Lissa and I both had our cameras, but somehow didn’t take any pictures at Morton’s or Menchie’s. I don’t know if we were just exhausted from our whirlwind of a weekend or were just too preoccupied with the food—probably a little bit of both!