Monday, June 16, 2008

Say aahhh!

I'm officially back at work--minus my tonsils. And I don't know if this makes me sound like a baby, but I'm finally back on solid foods! For 10 days straight I had nothing but clear soups and smoothies, and if I never see another blended drink again, it won't be too soon. Hopefully this means I'll no longer be plagued with chronic throat problems, and my Bette Davis rasp will be put to rest forever.

Before I forget, I do want to wish all the dads out there Happy Father's Day! You may remember I made my mom a homemade Mother's Day card, glitter and all. Dad doesn't worry about me wasting $4.99 on a card, so I took the easy way out and bought him a Hallmark. He loved it because it came along with a gift-wrapped cologne set. I know, I know, not too original, but it is the thought that counts, right?

The tonsillectomy was a bit more complicated than anticipated, but while I was recuperating, there was a really bright spot. On Sunday, June 8, The Honolulu Advertiser ran a story on the front page of the Island Life section featuring Tracy Wong, one of our style students, and her amazing condo transformation. Treena Shapiro first contacted me about this story while I was in Los Angeles on a business trip. Now I try to make it a point to return business calls as promptly as I can, especially if the caller is a reporter! Treena asked if I had done any homes in the new Ala Moana/Kakaako condo corridor. I explained that I don't do people's places, but instead teach them how to do their own, and suggested she call Tracy.

Tracy had attended our big workshop in February to learn how to add more style to her space, and boy, did she! She did such an amazing job, Treena led off her story with her! But that wasn't the end of it--Treena decided to add a sidebar to make a full package out of the topic. I was flattered when she called again the day before my tonsillectomy. In between prepping work for my absence and planning out meals for my husband and daughter, I managed to come up with a few tips on how to add style to a small space.

If you didn't get a chance to read the feature package, here it is: