Monday, June 23, 2008

Chocolate, anyone?

I’m talking about for your sofa! Hold on, let me explain.

After being cooped up so long recuperating and working in the office, I wasn’t about to cut short this outing with the RSVPstyle crew! So from IDS we decided to continue our shopping excursion a little bit more.

Joyce wasn’t the only friend to visit—Brett Sowell also has a fabric showroom in the Gentry Pacific Design Center, and boy, do I love his shop’s name: Johnny Mango! Doesn’t that sound delicious? Or maybe I’m just still hungry! His cute display didn’t help matters any. Right at his front entry he had a metal tree with ribbons and flowers, and dangling from the branches and strewn about the base were little pieces of chocolate! As I stuffed my face with Hershey’s with almonds, I managed to mumble, “What’s the deal with the chocolate tree?”

Brett explained that right now in fabrics, anything with chocolate is hot. Anything goes with chocolate—chocolate and pink, chocolate and blue, chocolate and apricot. As I was licking my fingers, I had to say that I would agree.

Another thing that’s hot is a classic that’s back in vogue—black and white. I asked Brett to be in my photo. He’s a little shy, but you know I’m not! With my black-and-white pants, I had to show that yeah, I know what’s hot! Black and white will always be in style, as I’m showing by modeling with one of Brett’s books from the Jab collection.

I slipped a few last nuggets of chocolate into my pocket. That’s it for today—I’m too full to shop any more!