Saturday, April 26, 2008

You asked for it, you got it—more shopping!

We’ve set a date for our next event: a mini-workshop on design selections on Saturday, May 31st at Pacific Home Furnishings in Pearl City. We’ll be sending out more details to all of our qualifying members, because this intimate setting will only be able to accommodate 30 registered members who are proud Style Kit owners!

Just as with our Shop with Focus workshop last month at C.S. Wo, I’ll be teaching in a real-world design setting. I’ll give professional pointers on how to select rugs—which I’ve always found good inspiration pieces for a room—and we’ll also talk about fabric and pattern choices and finishes like tile and other flooring materials. Registered members with Style Kits will receive 30 percent off PHF’s retail prices and have access to an amazing inventory that is not normally available to the average homeowner. I’m really excited about this!

PHF is a place that I love to go to. There are so many possibilities that I can stay for hours. For the novice it can be overwhelming, so our workshop will help break things down, make it easier, and share with you some of my tricks on how to put things together and layer more texture and color into your space. The purpose of RSVPstyle is to train your design eye, and that’s what this is going to be about.

PHF has been an incredible supporter of RSVPstyle and has sponsored our Invitation to Design workshops for the last two years. They’re a wholesale distributor dealing with design professionals and retailers and their showroom is not open to the public.

But PHF is graciously opening its doors to members who have Style Kits. They are allowing this exception to their professionals-only policy because they agree with our RSVPstyle fundamentals of inspiration, color and texture and understand that registered members who are Style Kit users have attained a measure of training. However, there are some rules that we need to follow because of this special exception, and they will need to verify that you’re an RSVPstyle member with a Style Kit. So please, remember to make an appointment!

We’ll be sending out a couple of e-mail blasts to our registered members shortly, offering more details about our mini-workshop and about visiting PHF on your own, so stay tuned!