Thursday, April 3, 2008

Somewhere in China...

For those of you checking back for Cathy and crew's latest blog from Asia, we at the RSVPstyle office are sorry to report that since their High Point in Hong Kong, apparent difficulties accessing the Internet have prevented blog updates for some days now.

Last we heard, Cathy, Lissa, Kara and all eight family members had left Hong Kong and were floating on the Crystal Ship somewhere off the coast of Japan. Brief e-mails mentioned something about having too much fun eating and shopping, and promised a full report imminently from the Crystal Ship.

As of this moment, the itinerary they left puts them somewhere in China. We have faith that as soon as they're able, more reports about the sights, tastes and bargains of a once-in-a-lifetime business trip-cum-family vacation will once again grace this space. So keep checking back!