Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More of a good thing

We’re all getting excited! We’ve been preparing for our Shop with Focus event this Saturday at C.S. Wo. This will be our first event since the workshop, the first time we’ll see some of the participants again, and the first exclusive benefit for members of RSVPstyle, since the only people invited are registered members of rsvpstyle.com.

Amazingly enough, this event was almost 100 percent full the first day we announced it!

Today the girls and I headed out to C.S. Wo where we met with James, our video director, who wanted to get the lay of the land. We also met with C.S. Wo’s visual person, their assistant manager and retail manager to talk about how our day will unfold.

We’ll start the morning in C.S. Wo’s conference room, where we’ll do a little lesson on shopping and make sure everyone’s RSVPstyle book is in order. After all, we are shopping with focus, so I want to make sure everyone is focused! I’ll check to see whether everyone has their inspiration picture in their Style book and has determined their 60-30-10 schemes. That way we can get an idea of everyone’s style, see a little of their space and guide them a little better.

We’re really hoping that when the day is over, everyone will have found one new piece to add more style to their space. I know that’s why they’re coming—on a mission not just to learn, but really to find something amazing that will enhance their space.

We decided which vignettes we’ll talk about. We’ll be in a Contemporary section, an Island section, and their Ralph Lauren blue-and-white nautical section, which is very popular and timeless. We also determined where we’re going to do our drawing for the $5000 C.S. Wo shopping spree. We’re all super excited about that! I’m going to let Bub Wo do the drawing. I now know so many of our participants, so he’ll pull the name without showing any favoritism and award the $5000 certificate—how cool is that!

Whoever wins that shopping spree will get personalized, detailed guidance from me in selecting beautiful items for their space from the showroom, but of course the winner doesn’t have to use the certificate that day. They may want to come back with their husband or friend, and that’s perfectly fine.

After our meeting we surprised Lissa with a chocolate dobash cake with candles and a balloon. Yesterday was her birthday and she is a diehard chocoholic! We sang happy birthday to her at C.S. Wo and went next door for lunch at a ramen shop. She’s feeling a little under the weather—I think she caught my cold—so she wasn’t so hungry (and by the way, that's me and Melanie helping out Lissa by blowing out her birthday candles), but she had some miso soup and I think she’s feeling better now.

We have an exciting day lined up, people are going to learn a lot and have a lot of fun, and that’s exactly what our mission is at RSVPstyle. I think when people leave, they’re going to want more—we’ve already got a lot of things in mind for rsvpstyle.com members!


i'm thrilled to be joining your 'shop with focus' event at CSWo this saturday. thank you for posting the pre-event planning, sounds FAB! much aloha, kathleen

I am also really looking forward to Saturday, but I still have a lot of work to do on my style book. Sounds like a major project for tonight. See you Saturday.