Friday, March 7, 2008

Get ready to focus, people!

We’re all set for our Shop with Focus event tomorrow at C.S. Wo. Not only am I going to teach how to put things together and shop with focus, I’m also going to point out what I feel are the best buys. I was at the store again today to get my final thoughts about what I want to teach in different areas of the showroom. A bunch of the salespeople were telling me how excited they are. People from our workshop have already been coming in to use their discount certificates. They’ve seen how prepared they’ve been, coming in with their Style Kit, book and bag, inspiration pictures, ready to shop—with focus, of course!

I’m so proud of all of you, putting into practice what you learned at the workshop. Tomorrow we’re going to take it to a new level.

Speaking of using the C.S. Wo certificate, I just want to remind everyone to thoroughly go through the vendor packets you received at our workshop. There were over $3500 worth of discounts and certificates. Obviously you’re not going to use all of them, but if you use one or two, you’ll more than make up for the money spent on the workshop.

The C.S. Wo certificate is a great one—it’s $100 off with a purchase of $300, but there was a short fuse on it: it’s only good til the end of this month, so hurry up and use it! People coming tomorrow, obviously I think everyone’s going to find something amazing, but the rest of you, make sure you take advantage of that—it’s a 33 percent savings!

There are some other ones I want to mention, such as Steve DeBiasi, who’s done some pool and water features for me. If someone builds a pool with him, they’re going to get free pool service for a year—that’s a $1200 to $1500 value in and of itself!

SoHa’s Brooke Watson had offers for her store at Ward Center, but she also had a special RSVPstyle online offer in the packet as well. You can use that discount in the store, or go online and enter a special code.

Marblehaus is offering $100 off and that expires in June, and that’s a really good deal because they already have very low prices.

And when was the last time an electrician or a plumber offered you a discount? Well, you’ve got one!

There’s lots more for you to look through, so be sure to go through your packet—there’s something for everyone!

I hope everyone is registering at At tomorrow’s event—which is by invitation for members only—I’m going to go over all the benefits that come with being a member. I’ll be announcing our next event for members only. If you haven’t yet registered, be sure to do that ASAP to take advantage of all the benefits we have in store for you!

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and assisting them with my favorite thing to do: shop!