Friday, February 1, 2008

It’s All About the People

Last day of Las Vegas Market! We got a very early start. The show opened at 8 am and we were right there. We met a lot of fabulous people today. I’m a true believer that the people who bring the passion to a company really make all the difference in its success.

As we started out, a brilliant sparkle of bling-bling caught my eye. I had to stop. It was this really cool mirror that was trimmed in Swarovski crystal. It was beyond fabulous—pretty, feminine and over the top. I’ve never seen a mirror like it. I was fortunate enough to meet the lovely man who is the owner of the line and showroom, and he also happened to be the designer of this mirror! His name is Anthony Montenegro, and it’s obvious he brings passion to his pieces. He has The Casey Collection and Encore Decorative Accessories. I have a picture of him and me, and I’m pointing to him and to the mirror to show that he’s responsible for this fabulousness. I think it could dress up a bedroom, it would be hot in a powder room, ultra modern, luxurious and playful.

Next I want to tell you about environmentfurniture and Jackie Fitzgerald. This is a showroom that I had been to at last year’s Las Vegas Market , and just fell in love with, but I could not remember where they were. I told Kara I’ve got to find this line, I want to share with our online community what they’re doing. I finally found them on my last day! This company does not sacrifice the mission for the look. Their furniture is beautiful, architectural, bold, striking, chunky—exactly what I like. Jackie was wonderful in explaining to us that all the wood is reclaimed from old barns or responsibly harvested in Brazil. They don’t spoil the natural beauty by putting on finishes or treatments. She clearly believes in the company’s motto that nature is the best designer, and I truly agree. She showed us the nail holes in the benches and beds and mirrors and it makes you wonder where they came from and what stories they have to tell. It gives it that much more beauty, knowing that no trees had to be sacrificed.

At the end of the day I went back to Phillips Collection to place an order, and saw Jason Phillips, who is the son of Mark, who I took a picture with in front of the black sheep. Jason is the creative director and one of Phillips’ designers. I took a picture of him in front of a wall with some of his sculptures. He’s a cool young man with a great creative mind and refreshing ideas. I found out he even judges design contests for architecture students. He’s extremely personable and it was just so fun to meet him and his family, and I can see why they have such a successful line, because it’s all about the people. It was the end of a long show and he and his dad were still there, working hard.

That’s how we ended our last day. The market closed early today, at 4. We hadn’t had a single meal because there’s no time for food when there’s so much shopping to be done! We were absolutely starving. I am a Reuben connoisseur and last year I had the best Reuben ever and I wanted to see if it was a fluke or really the best so I went back to The Grill at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, and I’m happy to say it did NOT disappoint! It still ranks at the top of my list. In all its greasiness it was delectable, topped off with a side of fries, so I had to offset that with a diet Coke! If anyone has any Reuben sandwiches they recommend, then I would love to hear from them.

Now it’s 5:30 and I have just 3½ more hours before the outlet mall closes. Kara and I have not done enough shopping. Everything has been about furniture and we’re getting back on the plane tomorrow, so we need a few more hours of retail therapy. Now that we’ve had some nourishment, we’re going to go check out that outlet mall!

I think we did pretty good! We got some great buys.


Best Reuben in north Carolina is at the Bistro Roca in blowing rock nc.... And they also have outlet shopping.