Sunday, February 17, 2008

Strike a pose

The day finally arrived when Lissa and I were to be a part of the Year of the Rat celebration at C.S. Wo: we would be “guest models” helping to show Monique Zhang’s Cicada Fashion Collection. As we were getting our hair and makeup done, I had to kiss up to Lissa to thank her—if not for my partner’s generous cooperation, I would have been the only mature “guest model” at the show. So thank you, thank you Lissa! (Lissa: “You owe me big time. I had to walk down three flights of stairs in stilettos, smiling and sucking in my gut, without tripping!”)

We each modeled four outfits. I have to admit that after we got over the self-consciousness of modeling alongside these 18- to 22-year-olds, we got into the flow of things and had a good time. I saw lots of friends and people I knew who were shocked to see me in the fashion show—I was supposed to be just a guest at this party! Lots of people were offering me drinks and food as I strutted around the showroom. I was so tempted to whip the chopsticks out of my hair and reach for some deep-fried sushi! The food looked great, but we were not to partake in any of the festivities—after all, we were the hired help, except “guest model” means you don’t get paid!

Lissa looked fabulous in her silky, velvety caftan. She had to wear a bustier body suit and leggings under it, but I thought she looked very glamorous and I wanted to wear that outfit! At the end of the show we took a picture with RSVPstyle’s Kara and Melanie, who came to cheer us on and giggle when we were out of sight—we heard you guys! They got to enjoy all the great food and drinks while we were working the runway—or should I say the stairway!

The fashion show consisted of us and our somewhat younger colleagues informally modeling over three flights of the furniture showroom while guests enjoyed gourmet food, a martini and sake bar, fortunetellers and lion dancers. It was quite a festive, fun evening. We’ve got great respect for designers and stylists and those models, all of whom worked hard and put in at least 8- to 10-hour days for those few minutes of glamour!

Our great friends, Larry Campman, C.S. Wo store manager, and the Wo brothers personally thanked us, but we really have to thank them for being such great supporters of RSVPstyle. We had a great time and were thrilled to be a part of their celebration.

(Lissa: “And you’re off the hook, girl, since you took me to Nobu’s and treated me to sake. I have to say, I’d do it again!”)