Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Back at work preparing for the workshop

It’s amazing how much work can pile up after just a few days away! Since getting back from Las Vegas it’s been madness just trying to get back into the swing of things. As I expected, Lissa was thrilled with her chocolate ‘chips.’ She loved them! By now I think there’s only a few hundred dollars left. Haha. She started with the big money first—she said those tasted better.

With only a few weeks left, our upcoming workshop has been the main priority. Working out all the details really takes time to make sure it’s all done right. Today we had our logistics meeting at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. I love going there. Even locals like to visit the Hilton for a quick little getaway every once in a while. We had a meeting with Susan Smith in one of the ballrooms to decide where everything’s going to be and how the day’s going to go. Also there for the planning was our audio-visual guy, Eddie from Techniques Hawaii, and our producer-director, James Brennan from Paradise Marketing (you might recognize James as that good-looking host of Little Grass Shack on Oceanic Channel 16!).

We’re going to have three jumbo screens to make sure everyone has a great seat. I think we did it! I’m starting to get butterflies seeing the stage and knowing that in just a couple weeks there’s going to be hundreds of people learning the fundamentals of RSVPstyle—it’s making me a little giddy! But totally excited at the same time.

For me the most exciting thing of all will be giving everyone our Style Kit. If we’re putting in long hours preparing every last detail of one workshop, imagine the nine months we spent creating the Style Kit! Just knowing that soon people are actually going to take them home and put them to use is beyond exciting.

Before we left the Hilton, I had to stop by to see the penguins. Unfortunately they were napping and none of them were out! That was too bad—I like seeing those cute guys. The consolation prize was seeing some of the exotic birds. They have these really pretty miniature flamingos from Africa, beautiful pink birds, and there were these black-and-white birds that looked like a cross between a black crow and a white dove. The face was like a black crow!

We said bye to our feathered friends—there’s still so much more to be done at the office. Now back to work!


lissa, that chocolate looks good! how abt sharing some of those winnings?

I am sooooo excited for this workshop!!! counting down the days!! I think half of my office will be attending! I am trying to recruit everyone!!!

Just got back from thw workshop and I'm excited to get started. It was fun and informative and the food was great! Cathy did a great job.

The workshop was fun and informative - I'm glad I went. Cathy did a great job!

Great workshop, I learned a lot.