Tuesday, January 29, 2008

BIA Home Show

Before & After Booth Transformation


I’m at the airport waiting to board a plane to Las Vegas, and I’m still on a high from the BIA Home Show in Honolulu. RSVPstyle’s very first show. We built an amazing set right in the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall to show people that if you can create a beautiful space in a concrete exhibition hall, you certainly can do it at home with a little inspiration, color and texture.

The feedback was incredible. Some people wanted to move in. Some asked if they could buy the booth! The funniest thing for me was that some people actually came to the show with Homescape magazine for me to autograph. I was just so shocked! Why would people want my autograph? But it was very sweet.

We debuted our Style Kit and it was a big hit. People loved the quality of the shoulder tote, DVD set and workbook organizer. A
bunch of people signed up for our upcoming February 23 workshop, and a lot of those who signed up online came by just to say hello. People told us we were inspiring people, and that made us feel great. We heard over and over that we’re doing something unique—teaching people the skills to beautify their homes in their own styles. That’s exactly what I need, people said. But what really made us feel the best was when BIA, the Building Industry Association, told us we were the number one requested booth at the show!

So it was a great success, but we are exhausted. I just realized, more than ever, what a really great team of people we have. Everybody chipped in and came and worked at least a shift because it was a grueling four days. Everyone’s been so supportive, even my parents, who brought us lunch because we had to eat on the fly. Everyone we’ve worked with came to help out. I’ve always believed in surrounding yourself with great people. Everybody worked so hard.

Now I’m looking forward to going to Las Vegas to see what’s hot, new and exciting in the world of design and décor. The Las Vegas Market at the World Market Center will feature 1,500 companies from around the world showing home furnishings and accessories in 3.2 million square feet of exhibit space. Furniture and accessory finders from around the country come here—they’re looking for the latest, greatest, most exciting new lines and products. Designers come looking for items for their clients. Buyers from all kinds of stores will be here, too. Las Vegas Market has two shows a year, one in January and one in the summer. There’s just so much to see and not enough time. We’ve got three days and we’re going to see as much as we can. I’ll blog about the latest from the first day of the show tomorrow. I can’t wait!