Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Unleashed in the Las Vegas Market

It’s freezing cold! Vegas is in the 30s—this Hawaii girl is not used to that! I broke out the scarf and gloves. But once I got inside the World Market Center, I truly felt like a kid in a candy store. I’m here with Kara Wagner, RSVPstyle’s office manager. When people hear we’re from Hawaii, everyone is so nice. They’re asking us what RSVPstyle is all about, and I show them my Style Kit and they love it, they think it’s a great concept and it’s great that we’re teaching people to train their own eye for design and décor.

We started off today at one of my favorite discoveries, a line called Phillips Collection. “Every piece a conversation” is their tagline—I love that. We met Mark Phillips, who took a picture with Kara and me in front of their resin sheep. They have a white sheep and a black sheep, which are really cute, it’s a matter of whether you consider yourself a white or black sheep! I’ve always considered myself a black sheep, so there I am. Every piece you see in there is amazing, like the seatbelt chair that I lounged in, very comfortably. Just the most interesting, unique and beautiful pieces, and I’m going to be buying lots of them!

We saw a lighting line, Nova, and what I loved about it was they had lights that had color in them. They have these floor lamps that not only illuminate a room, but can also be used as dividers. So it’s a way to create some division for apartments where you need a portable wall, or it would be great for large rooms that you want to section off and add some color to.

Oh, another store that I just smiled when I went into is Global Views. There were these cute eggs, they look like ostrich eggs, and there are feet on them, and they’re walking away. You know how I talk to people about getting something with a touch of whimsy? This was a perfect example.

The center closes at 6:00, and Kara hasn’t been to Vegas in 11 years, so at 6:00 we went to the Bellagio, and they have the most beautiful garden display. They’re celebrating Chinese New Year, which lasts 15 days, so the whole garden is decorated with colorful red lanterns and yellow flowers, and a giant sculpture of a Chinese man in ancient silk robes that must be at least 20 feet tall! This is the Year of the Rat, so there’s a rat topiary that’s so cute! And there’s a beautiful zigzag bridge, which is good feng shui, good because the spirits can’t handle crossed lines and corners.

It’s just so fascinating and vibrant and beautiful, so we had to take a look there before heading to Cheesecake Factory because we’re dying for some cheesecake. We’ll call it an early night because the market opens at 8 a.m. and I want to be there—there’s too much to do and not enough time. Kara and I are just so excited that we’ve been surviving on coffee and the refreshments all the stores put out. It’s 9 p.m. and this is our first meal of the day!