Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last Mediterranean photos: Shipboard fun!

Ever since my first cruise to the Caribbean on our honeymoon almost 15 years ago, I've been in love with this way of traveling, and my favorite cruise line is Crystal Cruise. For this Mediterranean food and wine tour, we were lucky enough to be aboard the Crystal Serenity. With Crystal, at-sea days are possibly even more fun than days touring on shore!

p1000882Uncle Joseph does a magic trick for the kids on a formal night at sea

p1000715Mom and Carolyn on the slots. Can you believe it? My mom hit a $1500 jackpot that night! (Won't tell you how much she gave back!)

p1000708Dads and daughters dancing. How cute is that?!

p1000846Breakfast with mom and dad. The ocean breeze makes you hungry!

dsc_0528Lobster, anyone? The Grand Buffet certainly lived up to its name!

dsc_0531There's so much food... where do I begin?!

p1000892Nicki and classmate Preston celebrate their birthdays together

p1000912'The Boys' bonding in the Connoisseurs Lounge over cigars and scotch. (It's a guy thing!)

p1000722Mayumi learns a few dance moves from one of the Ambassador Hosts, while Carolyn and Joseph dance in the background

p1000902Nicki and new gal pal Alexia make dancing plans of their own

p1000840Ahhh! Now this is living! Lounging on the balcony as we sail into a new port

cdnYes, this was a wonderful family vacation, and Nicki is already asking when our next cruise will be!

dsc_0751It's time to go home. I interviewed Gary Hunter, the Cruise Director, on our last night about the Crystal Cruise experience. (I'll post the video shortly.) Until next time, Crystal Cruise... yes, it is a wonderful world!