Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kitchen disaster

On Design Star, they call it the dreaded kitchen challenge, and for very good reason. The second episode of my favorite show was really disappointing.

Not one contestant, in my opinion, truly stepped up and showed their talent. One team finished, but the end result looked amateurish, and the other team did not even complete their kitchen.

The homeowners who got a completed kitchen had asked for a Moroccan/Mediterranean theme. Accessorizing is my favorite part, but it looked like the design team went shopping at Ross and picked out everything that had a mosaic or was red or green. The guy in charge of accessorizing was Jason, who brags a lot, but his staging skills leave a lot to be desired. Has he never heard of the concept less is more?

Had the losing team finished their concept, I think they would have won. But they had very poor time management and execution. Their leader, Amy, was voted off because she was a weak leader, crumbled under the pressure, and really didn’t step up herself.

However, I did not feel that she was the one who should have been let go. Tashica was in the bottom two again, and I think it was definitely her time to go. So Tashica, you better step up, because three strikes and you’re out!

The losing team’s kitchen was so poorly executed, and it belonged to a real family that was pinning their hopes on the quality of the design contestants on the show. But cabinets weren’t set properly, counters weren’t aligned and baseboards were missing, so Clive actually announced that an HGTV crew would be going in to clean up the work. The losing team all looked like they just wanted to hide.

I've tried to post pictures, but for some reason that's not working for me this week. But you can see the results for yourself if you go to

So, sad to say, I give my favorite show two thumbs down for this week. Let’s hope things get better this Sunday!