Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The highs and lows of our contest makeover

Let me just start out with the highest of the highs. The Agena family has been an absolute dream to work with, sincerely. They truly deserve this $30,000 living room makeover. They’ve risen to every challenge, they’ve done the homework I’ve asked of them, they’ve been learning and applying what they’re learning, and making time for our schedule, all while working full-time and managing a busy household with four young, active kids.

As for the lows, being overwhelmed pretty much sums it up. For six years I’ve remodeled and fully furnished homes, so I know what it’s like to juggle schedules, act as a general, and keep the job and crew going. But boy, has this one been challenging!

Not only have I been acting as project manager to keep job and crew going, see that things get done on time and all the sponsors are happy, I’ve also been cramming a top-to-bottom living room remodel into seven weeks, mapping out a script, and coordinating the job schedule with a shooting schedule in order to turn this entire makeover into a one-hour TV show!

Aaaarghhh! What a nightmare! One person’s ready to move to the next step, but we can’t, because we haven’t filmed or photographed it yet. And by the time we’re ready, they’re not.

And throughout it all, I’m teaching the Agenas design and d├ęcor lessons to help them achieve their dream space.

But when they’re telling me how much they’re enjoying it and how much they’ve learned already, I know it’s worth it. And in the end, when the show airs on KITV, I know you’ll agree with me.

But until then, I. Am. Stressing!