Sunday, February 8, 2009

Punahou Carnival—still a great ride

Boy, I must really be getting old. I remember when the thought of the Punahou Carnival would make me giddy with anticipation. But these days? Different thoughts come to mind—like the dread of looking for parking, the high prices, the lines for everything, and the heat and humidity.
But when you have a kid, what can you do but say Punahou Carnival, here we come!

So I put on my comfortable shoes, lathered up the sunscreen on myself, my daughter, Nicki, and her pal Keri, and off we went. My plan was to be there right as it opened at 11, to beat the big crowds and lines. I got there pretty close, at 11:30, but in no way did I beat the crowds and lines. It was just a sea of people.

The first thing the girls wanted to do was go on any and every ride they could get on. They both agreed that the Fireball was their absolute favorite. That’s the newer ride that goes upside-down and backward—insane! Looks like a lot of fun; didn’t try it. I took their word for it.
After we spent almost an hour between lines and rides—more lines than rides, by the way—we went into the game tent to get away from the heat. Can you believe $1 a dart? Gimme a break! But that ended up being their favorite game, because it was easy enough for two 9-year-olds to win some tiny teddy bears.
I was dying from hunger by this point. It was about 1:00. Time for another line! The girls were not interested. I wanted to try the gyros, the taco salad, the fried noodles, the teriburgers I used to enjoy. Unfortunately, all the girls wanted were malasadas. But hey, you can check out all the good eats at . This was the only way I could enjoy them!

Twenty minutes later, we got our malasadas. They were perfect, I have to admit. Thirty minutes may not have been worth it, but 20 minutes definitely were! We found a shady spot to sit and enjoy these mouth-watering treats.

Then it was back to more fun! We topped off our day with what the girls wanted from the moment they walked in. After all, what is a carnival without cotton candy? They each got their own cotton candy that was, seriously, bigger than their heads.

As we walked back to our $10 parking spot, it hit me once again how old I must be getting. I was hot, dehydrated, headachey and cranky. But seeing the smiles that Keri and Nicki could not wipe off their faces, and receiving their sweet, sticky kisses, I have to say it was worth the ride.