Monday, November 24, 2008

A great day (phew!)

Yesterday was a day of traditions and good wishes. As Nicki and I walked into the Hawaiian Humane Society for a Brownie troop outing, I made her promise that she would not beg me, as she usually does, to let her adopt a pet. With our busy schedules, we just cannot give a pet the time it needs and deserves.

The Girl Scouts are steeped in tradition, Nicki’s favorite of which is the annual cookie drive. That’s why we were at the Humane Society—the troop was donating their cookie proceeds. That was followed by another tradition: each of the girls, including Lissa’s daughter Megan and Kara’s daughter Keri, brought a canned good for the Salvation Army, which is putting together holiday food baskets for needy families. Two good deeds: hooray Brownies!
And then the girls were unleashed for what they had been waiting for all day: playing with the animals! There was the cat house, where they played with adorable cats and kittens, and the line of dog kennels with puppies to seniors up for adoption. Nicki, Megan and Keri made sure to read every sign and call every dog by name.

There was one special pooch who stole their hearts. Her name was Emily, a 5-year-old mixed breed who we were allowed to take into the getting acquainted tent. Emily patiently sat while the girls rubbed behind her ears and lavished her with love and attention. What I dreaded happened soon enough: “PLEASE, Mom, I’ll do anything! Why can’t we adopt Emily?”

Just in the nick of time, the loudspeaker announced that the Humane Society was closing in five minutes. So then began the final tradition—the friendship circle, where Brownies clasp hands and each girl makes a wish, then squeezes the hand of the next girl to signal that it’s now her turn. Our wishes canceled each other out: I knew Nicki’s wish was to adopt Emily; mine was that Emily would find a wonderful home. I’m sure the Humane Society will make that wish come true!

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