Friday, October 10, 2008

Breakfast of champions

Forget Michael Phelps. I know who should be on the cover of the next Wheaties box: Perry and Price! The state of Hawaii has been waking up and having breakfast with these two pros for the last 25 years, can you believe it? When it comes to the breakfast of champions, they take the cake—or the pancake, hahaha! (I crack myself up!)

This past weekend, I had a chance to be interviewed on Perry and Price’s live Saturday morning broadcast from John Dominis. Kara, Lissa and I were there bright and early. We noticed a very rowdy bunch of people wearing these funny red hats. When I took a closer look, they had shrimp on their heads! They were from Turtle Bay Resort, promoting the Seafood Festival that’s coming up. I thought that was really cute.

Soon it was my turn to be interviewed. Mainly I wanted to talk about our upcoming workshop. Sweetie Pacarro, who I’ve known for years, joined in and told Mike and Larry how our DVD had helped her in remodeling her house. As I was heading back to our table, a woman extended her hand and told me, You have a long and brilliant career ahead of you in this business. I said thank you! She said I know that, because I’m psychic Dayle Schear, and you were born to do this!

She made my morning—after all, it must really be true, right? Now I could relax and enjoy my brunch and the rest of the show. And boy, what a show! There were all kinds of people. I ran into Tia Carrere, actress and singer, who I went to school with at Sacred Hearts Academy. But there was someone else there who always has me starstruck: my former principal, Mrs. Betty White, who’s looking great as ever!

Later we were treated to the sounds of the Society of Seven, who have been around forever. They did a number, sounding as fabulous as ever, and Jasmine Trias also serenaded us. And Mike Moniz, a world-famous natural body builder, was there to promote the upcoming Food and New Products Show.

All in all, it was fun morning of networking and catching up with friends from the past. We had a wonderful breakfast (with champions!) with an amazing ocean view, got in a little plug, were entertained and I even got my fortune told—who could ask for more?