Monday, September 29, 2008

The answers

OK, it’s time for the results of our budget buy or designer splurge quiz. How do you think you did?

Let’s start with the accent pillows. Pillow #1: budget buy. Can you believe it? It was purchased for $8.99 at Ross. Pillow #2: Designer splurge, and oh, was it worth it! From Lyn Jean Designs, a custom-made pillow with Swarovski crystals for $95. Pillow #3: designer splurge. The fabric was special-ordered from Johnny Mango, and then sent to an upholsterer to be made into a pillow to perfectly accentuate a sofa: approximately $100. Pillow #4: budget buy. A great find from Walmart, under $14!

Next, on to our throws. So which of the three did you think was the budget buy? Your picks were all over the map. Guess what? You were all wrong! I had to throw in a trick question—all three were budget buys! The first, the chenille, was $12 from Ross. The second, the faux fur, was $9.99 from Ross, and the third, the soft bamboo, was $14 from Sam’s Club.

And then the plants. Even from the picture, I think this was pretty clear that the one on the left was the budget and the one on the right was the designer. The first was under $50 at any local craft store. The other was about $500. I found it in Las Vegas, but it can be purchased at upscale furniture stores.

So this was fun. Most of you got at least one right. For those who got more than one correct, keep up the good shopping! I know Walmart is going to get lots of people looking for that sequined tank top, but sorry, that was over six months ago.

If you didn’t get a chance to see that KITV segment, it’s now posted at Here’s your chance to see how Dan and Mahealani did!

As for testing your own décor smarts, we’ll do this again sometime!