Thursday, August 28, 2008

Living with Style: a parallel blog

Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately.

I’ve just been enjoying my last bit of slugdom. I’ve been talking to The Honolulu Advertiser, one of the presenting sponsors of our workshops, and they asked me to be one of their bloggers. My first reaction was joy and my second was dread. What a fabulous opportunity! Just imagine all those eyeballs reading my blog! OMG! But then I thought WHAT? All those eyeballs reading my blog! OMG!

That’s why you haven’t heard from me, because I knew this time was coming. I’m going to have to work much harder to keep up with the Advertiser’s schedule. The good news is I’m going to be much more consistent and post at least three blogs a week, so be sure to check in more frequently, and feel free to make a post or comment here or on the Advertiser blog. Doesn’t matter, I just want to hear from you!

My Advertiser blog is titled Living with Style. Here’s a link if you want to check it out: the first one went up this past Tuesday. From here on out these blogs will be twins, posted both here and at the Advertiser’s website. But there will be times when we’ll just blog here with information for our members, whether about RSVPstyle updates or upcoming events that you need to know about. Or if I really need to rant and rave and can’t do it at the other place! Thanks for being so patient with me, and stay tuned!